Book review template

All right, so I've always wanted to be a book reviewer. Well, why not start now? Pretty much, I will report on books I've read, giving them a grade out of a hundred (did I also mention I want to be a teacher?). Below is a template of how I will rate books. Anyways, I'm really looking forward to doing this. I don't care how new or old a book is, if I think it deserves a review, I'll review it.

Characterization___________Total: x/30

Protagonist: Since books live and die by the main character, that will be the first concern of all of my reviews. In order to recieve top marks, a character has to be a multi-faceted, compelling and original person. x/10

Antagonist: Main characters are important, but who doesn't love a good bad guy? I think it's safe to say that an interesting villlian is just as important as a good hero. For books without a human antagonist, I will still evaluate how compelling the opposing force, whatever that may be, is. x/10

Supporting Cast: And this is for all of the rest of the characters combined. x/10

Plot______________________Total: x/25

Main Conflict: This one is weighted heavily because it is so important. This section includes pace as well as the devlopment of the struggle. x/15

Leading/Falling Action: Because I hate books that have too long of an exposition and I can't stand abrupt endings, I felt it was safe to include this little section right here. x/5

Back story: I'm not a huge fan of back story, but I realize how much it can add to a character. Stories without any backstory will be rewarded 3 out of 5, because none is better than too much. x/5

Writing___________________Total: x/30

Description: Ah, the clincher of most books. For the most part, this section judges merely the accuracy of description, whether it conveys images and is not obtrusive. The brilliancy and originality mostly (but not entirely) fall into the category below. x/15

Style: This judges not what an author says, but how they say it. I want a style that is vivid and unique. Alos, this section includes POV, because that is such a huge part of how style plays out. x/15

Other____________________Total: x/15

Theme: Now, I realize that some people like to read books just for the fun of it. However, I believe that all good books should contain some human truth. It could be as simple as "the butler always does it" (except that would probably score a 1 out of 5) but I want to see something. Otherwise, I will consider the book a waste of  my overall time. Note, however, that this is such a small portion that it alone will not kill a book's score. x/5

Originality: While part of originality blends into theme, I feel that an author can have a strong style while not taking many risks. Vice versa, an author can take risks that don't work out very well, but I think they should be rewarded for pushing the envelope. Mostly, this part says if the book feels fresh, that it breaks new ground instead of doing the same thing again. A book can tread familliar ground, and tread it very well, but a book should get points for standing out. x/10


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